The Grimmett Law Firm began in 2005 when Mr. Grimmett graduated from law school and wanted nothing more than to become a trial lawyer. At the time, he only had enough money to rent a small one room office in downtown Nashville and the only furniture he could afford was a few bankers boxes, a laptop, and a small plastic chair. It was certainly risky, but he somehow knew that it would work.

Mr. Grimmett eventually tried his first case two weeks after passing the bar. In the next year, he would receive dozens of referrals from other attorneys who heard about the new young attorney that was willing to try anything and everything. Eventually, Mr. Grimmett built a reputation as an attorney who knew the law, was willing to go to trial, and who would do anything to help his clients. He did not do any advertising and received his clients strictly from other attorneys.

The Grimmett Law Firm would eventually grow into two offices – one in Downtown Nashville and one in Cool Springs. Mr. Grimmett still has the same old plastic chair which started it all. He keeps it in his office to remind him of his humble beginnings and remind him that EVERY client is important.


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We at Grimmett Law Firm know that finding the right attorney to represent you is a choice not to be taken lightly. Thats why we offer free consultations to personal injury clients or a 1 hour paid consultation to all other clients to help you determine the needs of your case and whether we are good fit.