In order for this relationship to work – we have to be upfront with each other. So before we go straight into all the great legal posts we have planned for you, we want to begin by explaining who we are. We are lawyers licensed to practice in Tennessee who have completed 4 years of schooling at an undergraduate institution and 3 additional years at law school. Our experiences, knowledge, and skill sets make us great at what we do. Our clients matter and deserve the best legal representation. However, ask us any legal question and more often than not the first words that will come out of our mouths are, “well, it depends.” While that may sound like a completely meaningless answer… it truly is the best answer because it really does depend. It depends because the law is complex and no one situation is identical to another. A “simple answer” would be sloppy and fail to consider the many nuances that are part of your particular situation. And that’s where “well, it depends” jump-starts conversation, questions, learning, listening, and advising. All these are necessary in order to ensure our relationship thrives and you receive the best possible representation.

The intent of this blog is to provide our clients and the general public with easily accessible information about the law that affects everyday people. However, just remember, it always depends. So, while educating yourself is vital, seeking legal counsel is often in your best interest as they can address the “it depends” part. That last part is what protects you and your livelihood. You deserve answers that will prepare you.

With that being said, we appreciate you taking the time to read our blog, and hope this blog serves as a useful tool for becoming more informed about the law. We encourage you to leave comments if you have general questions and/or other topics of interest you’d like to read about.